It’s Over! NOw What?

Breakups just have a way of making us feel SO low and SO crappy. It doesn’t matter if you were walked out on or if you decided to do the walking. Break ups foster feelings and thoughts of confusion and self doubt (especially initially). We question our own self worth and desirability.  We wonder if something’s […]


Really Lawrence?

Shortly after opening credits we learned that Party Time Lawrence was still alive and well.  We see him and Tasha engaged in yet another on and poppin session. As he swiftly gets dressed, indicates he has to go, and informs Tasha Thursday wouldn’t be a good night for hanging out, I thought, I don’t really […]


Team Lawrence

  As we’re all waiting with bated breath for Insecure Season 2 to kick off, I can’t help but recall how Lawrence played the hell out of all of us on that final episode of last season’s show. We thought he’d be sitting in their apartment, on that sofa, looking pitiful, awaiting to have a […]