Month: May 2019

T. BanX

  Tyra Banks gave us our whole entire lives appearing (reappearing) on the cover of Sports Illustrated. In addition to sexy swimsuits, Tyra was also rockin a total vibe. She exuded sass, grace, wisdom, unbotheredness, and above all confidence.  I have deep admiration for women who have decided to live life on their own terms […]


WTF is Turndown Service?

We decided to dine at Havana 1957. Showered. Dressed. Lips poppin. With keys, phones, and wallets in hand. The room appeared orderly. My bed for the weekend was made up and embellished with big fluffy pillows, a paisley print bed runner, and more. We head down to catch our uber. Enjoy Cuban food, mojitos, music, […]